Saturday, 14 November 2009

My guilty secret.......

Tonight I watched X-Factor.

Yes, yes I know...It's a pantomime.

But what can I say... I'd had a lovely dinner, a few glasses of wine, it has been a long week and I needed some R&R. Sadly, Saturday night TV seems to be designed for people who don't have a life.

No matter.

I even perked up a bit when it was revealed that it was Queen week.

I absolutely LOVE Queen. Their songs formed the soundtrack to my formative teenage years. I swooned at Roger Taylor in the 'I Want To Break Free' video, did all the actions to 'Radio Gaga', sang enthusiastically along to 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and yes, I too got the lyrics very, very wrong.

I heard:

*Beelzebub has a devil for a sideboard.......


*Spare his his wife for he loves sausages....


So I settled back and waited for the carnage to ensue.

Then a terrible, horrible thought struck me. What if John and Edward 'sang' Bohemian Rhapsody. That would be over 8 minutes of toe-curlingly embarrassing, shoot-me-in-the-head NOW, travesty. It's a karaoke black hole at the best of times.

Thankfully we were spared, and instead they did an underwhelmingly mediocre rendition of Under Pressure.

Complete with rapping!?

Poor Freddie must have been pirouetting in his grave. How 'mentors' Roger Taylor and Brian May kept a straight face during the rehearsal period I will never know. Roger was completely mute after Jedward's performance but Brian managed to make a reasonable fist of it.

Some of the best singing 'talent' has already been kicked out, but that's ok because the Great British Public have spoken, and they know what they like.

Call me a curmudgeonly, grumpy old woman (if you dare) but why do we espouse such populist mediocrity in the name of entertainment?


Debbie said...

Stopped watching after last weeks fiasco. My boys watched it in another room. Lets hope the great and the good finally see reason and get rid of the TERRIBLE TWOSOME..

julie campbell said...

Reality tv is my guilty pleasure....its like an addiction Sandra !
when my favourite ( rachel who could actually sing) went out a few weeks ago I was so annoyed that those twins ( aaargh !) were still there I vowed never to watch it again......last night saw me as usual thoroughly enjoying it with a takeaway and a wee dram LOL Olly to win !
Tonight "I'm celebrity ..."starts and yes I will be watching that to, I know it doesnt tax the brains LOL but after a long hard day in the shed theres nothing like putting my feet up and watching a few celebrities eat worms to totally relax me LOL
julie xx