Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Point of no return Tuesday..........

Today is the point of no return, and I have to accept that I'm not going to get everything on my 'to do' list completed in time for Saturday.

In reality I have just two 'making days' left, as Thursday and Friday will be taken up with the 3P's - printing, pricing and packaging. Four if you count packing the whole kit and caboodle into as compact a size as possible, to fit into the boot of our very small 'compact' car.

I have about a dozen things on my workdesk to finish off, and if I put a late shift today and tomorrow I might, just might get them completed. But it will be a close run thing.

Next thing on my list is to make a appropriate hat for a lamb which is pulling a little cart. I'm not quite sure what levels of sartorial elegance are appropriate for a lamb's headwear, but I'm leaning towards a pretty little silk cap, tied neatly under the chin and decorated with tiny handmade silk roses to match those on the cart.

I'm sure it won't look too baaaad. *holds head in hands to conceal embarrassment at awful pun*

After that I will rejoin battle with the Jack-in-the-Boxes which are driving me round the bend. Don't even get me started on minuscule 1mm wide brass hinges which ping out of my tweezers at every opportunity and leave me scrabbling around on the floor under my desk trying to find them among the dust bunnies and other assorted detritus. All I will say on the matter is that they've come yay close to being drop-kicked out the window at several points this week and they're not finished yet so that fate might still await them.

After that, if any vestiges of sanity remain, I will complete two little toy dolls which are awaiting their dresses and bustled jackets, wigs and bonnets. This will be a walk in the park compared to the JIB's and might even restore my shaky mental equilibrium.

The floor plans for Saturday have been released on the KDF website, and we are in the Main Hall, up on the stage at the top of the hall, right next to Jamie Carrington, so no pressure there then. We're in exactly the same spot as last year and I quite liked being up on the stage area which was a great vantage point from which to view the fray in the main hall. The downside is that none of the stage stand are accessible to those with walking difficulties or in a wheelchair, which is not so good.

We're dreading the journey up to London, although as we'll be leaving home at 6am(!?) the traffic shouldn't be too bad en route. Negotiating the underground car park at Kensington Town Hall can be a little tricky, then of course there's the wait for a lift to descend into the bowels of the building so that we can ascend to the ground floor. However, I'm not even going to think about any of that today.

Today is all about finishing off that which is capable of being completed and moving on to the next thing.

I'll keep you posted..........


Unknown said...

Being a show newbie and a worrier of, will get that done and can I finish that in time, totally see where you are coming from.
You do realise that in the time it took to write your blog post you could of finished something? LMAO (hugs). Hope it all goes well till the end of the week. I will be visiting KDF for the first time and I am hoping to be able to push past the droves of people that are looking at your goodies to say hello.
Debie xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Sandra
i have been a follower of yours for along time now but have never commented before as i am a novice, however i do find that when using 1mm hinges i use a piece of sellotape to pick up and hold into place - it works 9times out of ten
good luck at KDF
Sandra English

Sandra Morris said...

Good point, well made Debie.

However I have made serious inroads into my outstanding tasks today so I'm sure I will get everything done in time.


Sandra, I have no idea why I didn't think of using sellotape to help place the hinges! Perhaps old dogs can learn new tricks after all.
I'm so used to using my tweezers for everything, I never thought to try a bit of lateral thinking.
Many, MANY thanks for the tip. Do please feel free to suggest similar ideas in the future.
I need all the help I can get!

Sandra Morris said...

Oops, meant to say Debie, looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!