Wednesday, 4 November 2009

On Ebay this week..........

I'm not usually very good at sticking to resolutions, but so far so good on my stated intent to list a different miniature toy (complete with video!) on Ebay every Sunday till Christmas.

Ebay and I have had our differences, and there is no question it isn't what it used to be, but we've got a reasonable truce at the moment and I'm using it as a testbed for my foray into the realm of video production.

There are very, very few Ebay sellers who use video on their listings, and I can understand why, but having done 4 showcase videos now, I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of it and can start to spread my metaphorical wings slightly.

Anyhoo, you can view my latest listing here *Ebay listing for week ending 8 November*.

In other news, I'm on the final countdown to the Charmandean Fair at the weekend, so all is chaos. I have to accept that many things on my desk are not going to be completed, and that the best way to spend the remaining time is to plan my display and get cracking with packaging, signage, pricing etc.

If you're planning on going to Charmandean, do seek us out and say hello. We're on Stand 32 in the main exhibition hall. There are many top artisans exhibiting, including Trigger Pond, Ellie De Lacy, Annie Willis, Templewood and Sally Reader to name but a few. It's good to see a smaller fair majoring on work by artisan exhibitors in preference to the ubiquitous imported miniatures available at wholesale.

As well as our tiny toys, we will be taking a selection of what remains of our stock of miniature porcelain doll kits, which are being discontinued from the end of this year. There will be bargains to be had!

Hope to see at least some of you blog readers there......

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Debbie said...

Just been over to visit your Ebay listing Sandra, you already have a bid. Sandra have you tried ETSY, a lot of people are saying that its much better then EBAY. Fees are much cheaper although its all in Dollars! No auction, just the price you want.
Good Luck at the fair sounds like a good one.