Sunday, 15 November 2009

Working 9 to 5..........

What a way to make a living.....

Yes, even though it's Sunday, the traditional day of rest, I am working. By this time next week the biggest fair in my calendar will be over and next Sunday I will most definitely be doing absolutely NOTHING even remotely work-related.

However, the 6 days between now and KDF will be filled with an increasingly frantic spriral of work, work, WORK. As always, my to do list is unrealistically optimistic and as the days count down towards Friday, which will be a 'packing' day, I will be sloughing off tasks like a snake shedding its skin.

One day I will get the hang of realising my limits. Till then I will subject myself to unrelenting stress, worry and stupidly long working days, trying to attain my self-imposed insanely unachievable goals.

Still, it's not all bad.

Hopefully later today a very nice chap will risk life and limb climbing up to our roof and blocking off the entrance to our soffits, rendering our squirrel haven inaccessible.

Hopefully I will complete the little Jack-in-the-Box toys with no major unforseen problems. I'm particularly looking foward to fitting the hinges, which are 1mm wide.

No pressure there then.

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julie campbell said...

Hope those squirrels are sorted today Sandra, thats one thing less to worry about !
As for those unattainable goals, why do we do that ?? I have a huge pile of naked bald dolls who think they are coming with me to kensington on friday...... have to set off friday morning being so far away so only have 4 days to do it and am not leaving my shed until I do ! in a moment of sheer madness I thought it would be a doddle to do another big fair 1 week later so dont even want to think abouyt next week and cant collapse until the 30th but will do so in style with a wee dram and chocolate ;0)
good luck with those hinges......
julie xxx