Thursday, 12 November 2009

Received 10 minutes ago...........

Received this heart-rending email just a few minutes ago. I'm such a sucker for a hard luck story but something about it just doesn't ring true. Can YOU spot the things which set alarm bells ringing? Compare and contrast folks...

I knock your door like a beggar
but I'm not really a beggar,
during the war in Ivory Coast, the activities of my father had started to fall
He informed us of his desire to leave the Ivory Coast for Kenya.
He went twice to prepare for our arrival (mom and me). he departed Abidjan on May 5, 2007, it may never return because of
crash boeing 737 kenya airways. he died.

My father was exporting coffee and rubber
Mom is invalid she had an accident before Dad died
I'm not going to school because of all my problems.
I want to leave the Ivory Coast.

The associated of dad control everything since i lost dady, but it does not help us. my late father deposited money into an account. I would like the bank transfer this money to your account so you can allow me to join you. I suggest 30%.
Hope to see you soon. Thank you.
Best Regards.

Sonya Annick Brown, 27 years.

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