Thursday, 26 November 2009

Oh what a tangled web(site)......

I have spent the past 5 hours deep in the inner, secret workings of the Diminutive Dolls website.

It was sorely in need of a good clearout and tidy up before I could begin the process of uploading new listings, but I'm always a bit wary of messing about in there in case I inadvertently pull the plug on the virtual life support system. I've had a few close calls in the past, most notably deleting the home page which disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving not a trace, and eventually I had to enlist the help of a tech bod to sort it out. Fortunately it was a mistake anyone could have made due to 'fault in the code'. But that 'anyone' just happened to be me.

So nowadays I tiptoe around in there, just in case.......

Fortunately there were no mishaps today. However it took what felt like forever to clean out redundant product listings, tidy up the categories etc etc etc. After a while I enter a trance like state, when the endlessly repetitive processes lull me almost to sleep.

I've had enough for today though. There's only so much website maintenance I can stand in one day and I've exceeded my quota. However there are now several new toys listed on the site, with more to come when I can work up the energy and/or enthusiasm.

As this week has progressed I have been feeling more, rather than less tired. Presumably the cumulative effect of 8 weeks relentlessly long working days and the associated stress of having two fairs in the space of two weeks.

I have a niggly, naggly, sparkly headache licking at the fringes of my peripheral vision, which has the potential for blooming into a full-blown migraine. Not to mention a looming cold sore, which may or may not send all its mates an invitation to a party on my top lip, regardless of the liberal application of precautionary anti-viral cream.

Run down? Moi?


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julie campbell said...

Oh the dreaded website update ! So glad I'm not the only one who does this with heart in mouth at terror of actually deleting the whole thing accidentally !!!
Hope you get some well earned R&R time over xmas Sandra, its been a busy year !
julie xxx