Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday the 13th........

Have been up and actually AT WORK since 7.45 this morning, courtesy of a legion of squirrels line-dancing in the soffits just above the bedroom windows.

It's gone beyond a joke now.

We're hopefully having the access hole blocked on Sunday. So just two more (non) sleeps to cope with. We'll have to execute a two-pronged attack though, with someone stationed in the loft in order to make as much noise as possible, in the expectation of flushing any recalcitrant squirrels out of the soffits BEFORE the hole is blocked off. We most certainly do not want any starving and increasingly desperate squirrels trapped with no means of escape.

I actually can't blame them for wanting somewhere sheltered and cosy today. It's been blowing a gale and the rain is horizontal. Small Dog took one look out of the door this morning and promptly changed her mind, preferring to sit it out in her basket, legs firmly crossed.

Also it's Friday 13th, generally regarded as a particularly inauspicious combination of day and date. If I didn't have a major fair looming next Saturday I'd be sorely tempted to curl up on the sofa and watch old black & white films on TV all day. However, I've made a virtue of necessity, and having been forced out of bed in the near-dark this morning, I've made serious inroads into a new batch of little rainbow ballerinas, which were a huge hit at the Charmandean Fair and sold out. Of course, having spent several days re-stocking, at the expense of other things on my list, I won't sell a single one at KDF. That's just the way of things...... impossible to predict what will sell on the day.

In other news, because I have so much to do for Kensington, I just had to go off on a tangent and work on a little wooden games chest, which in normal circumstances would probably take a month of making prototype after prototype until I get it right. I should just put it on the back burner, get on with other stuff, and revisit it when I'm a bit less pressed for time.

But no.

That would be way too sensible.

Instead I'm going to try to get at least one finished to display at KDF which means a quick trip out shortly to take advantage of the services of a very helpful chap who has a super-duper A3 scanner. It could still all end in tears......

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