Sunday, 10 January 2010

Avian free-for-all.........

PP has set up a bird bistro on our patio, with leftovers of Christmas cake, cheese straws, biscuits etc.

I can count approximately 20 or so birds, all vying for poll position on the big wooden board, supported across two chairs. The fattest pigeon in the world is sitting slap bang in the middle, while blackbirds, thrushes and our resident robin flit in and out grabbing what they can.

There seemed to be a bit of co-operative team spirit earlier, when they all saw off a pair of magpies who'd been intent on annexing the board for themselves.

Small Dog has been banished to her basket in the study. She regards incursions by any living creature into HER garden as a blatant act of aggression and has formally declared jihad on the feasting birds, barking her head off and throwing herself against the patio doors in a frenzy.

Outside, huge chunks of snow are falling from the trees so a thaw is in progress, despite a bout of fairly heavy snow earlier.

I'm cosied up on the sofa with my laptop again today, working sporadically, and flicking through the TV channels hoping to chance upon a half-decent film. We have a roast dinner to look forward to later, with the last of our fresh vegetables. Thankfully, Artistic Daughter, whose partner owns a 4x4, has offered to act as an emergency taxi for us, if we can't get out in the car this week. The only vehicles currently getting as far up the hill as us have been 4 wheel drive.... all other cars have been sensibly tucked off the road for the duration.

I'm actually quite enjoying the sense of isolation.

At least for the time being.....


Deep Squeaker said...

Poor wee souls, I feel so sorry for them in this weather. Little Dog For A Pet shouln't be such a bolshy little beggar. I love her, but what happened to having love and sympathy for your fellow creatures, eh? She should sit there looking on at her Avian fellows, looking peacefully beatific. I'd have a word if I were you.

Sandra Morris said...

I have had several words with her, and under duress she has agreed to a truce although the pigeons make her go all trembly.

We've put food out for the birds twice today. Quite a lot of it and it's all been completely scoffed.

And not a seagull in sight which is a bonus.

You feeling any better?

Deep Squeaker said...

No. I feel absolutely wretched.

It's very good that you're feeding da boids. So many of them die in this weather. It's a good deed and I'm glad Small Dog is being less bitey about the whole thing now.