Friday, 15 January 2010

Displacement Activity? Certainly Not!


I should just have walked away.

Turned my back on the displacement goblins (who are out in force today) and carried on with my sorting out.

But no.

I just had to do one final Google. Which turned into 15 minutes of full-blown displacement activity.

It's my own fault entirely. I just wondered if Huddersfield Town had a club song. Something stirring, and tuneful, documenting the highs and lows of a football team.

The goals.

The fouls.

The sending offs.

What did I find.............?

Der ... Der ... Der...

Der der,
Der der, der der, der der,
Der der, der dede der,
Der de der der der de, de ....

OK. So technically speaking I suppose that qualifies as a 'chant'. And perhaps when sung in unison from the terraces of the Galpharm Stadium, it acquires the melodic dignity and charm of a mediaeval Gregorian chant.

Who knows.

If you're up for a bit of displacement activity, have a look here for more musical treats, guaranteed to bolster the Barmy Army through times of terror and despair.

Now I really must get on...........

1 comment:

Deep Squeaker said...

Still, nothing beats the infamous 'WE hate West Brom, WE hate West Brom, We are the West Brom... HATERS!'

That made me laugh when I first read it on Redleader's blog, and it makes me laugh still.