Sunday, 3 January 2010

To Hell with Resolutions........


We have returned home today after an extremely enjoyable New Year camping trip, entering a FREEZING cold house which bears more than a passing resemblance to a derelict squat. This is partly due to the assortment of camping detritus which is currently littering the hallway, and partly due to the residue of the family Christmas celebrations last week.

With an uncharacteristic burst of energy, I've attacked several areas and cleaned and tidied with a vengeance. As a result I am now feeling extremely tired but quietly satisfied with my efforts.

Yet more clearing and sorting is in prospect over the next week, as I am determined to start 2010 as I mean to go on, and this involves creating a proper computer work space for myself in the study/office, and reinstating a 'projects area' in the smallest spare bedroom.

I wholeheartedly subscribe to the 'fresh start' aspect of New Year, but loathe and detest the notion of having to make 'resolutions' which in my experience are almost always doomed to disaster even as they are being made.

Yes, of course I would like to lose weight and get fit. I would also like to win the lottery, write a best-selling novel and find the cottage of my dreams with a view of the sea.

However, purely 'resolving' to do any (or all) of those things just won't cut the mustard. Aside from winning the lottery, all of the rest require time, effort and single-minded dedication.

Actually, on reflection, winning the lottery is the only thing I can never do, as I don't ever buy tickets, and as we all know, I've got to be in it to win it.

So I am going to be pragmatic and concentrate on one aim this year. I'm not going to call it a resolution as that would certainly damn it to failure at the outset.

I have an other-wordly premonition that achieving my aim is entirely possible, and may even bring about other life-enhancing changes in its wake. Preparations are already well in hand and over the past few months I have been gradually assembling information and advice, making plans and generally laying the foundations.

Can you guess what it is yet..


Anonymous said...

I think I might know. Are you going ahead with your book project? I hope so. You have a wonderful way with words and a ginormous amount of knowledge to pass on.


Irene said...

I too have the "start as you mean to go on" bug at the moment as well but we'll just see how long it lasts! I do enjoy reading your posts and hope you manage to get on with your future "master plan".