Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Day 2 and still on track.......

Day two of my new regime.

So far so good.

It's still blisteringly cold but at last the house seems to have absorbed enough residual heat for us to stop shivering. In view of the Arctic temperatures I decided to have a bowl of porridge for breakfast to set me up for the day. Why is it that a modest amount of oats expand exponentially in the saucepan to provide enough porridge for a family of four?

PP disdains porridge. Even the stuff with chocolate in, which of course isn't real porridge at all.
Despite my Scottish roots I disdain porridge made with salt.


However, porridge made with milk, is creamy gorgeousness in a bowl. As a child my mother used to drizzle a few spoonfuls of condensed milk over the top, which instantly transformed the humble cereal into food of the gods. Naturally my new spartan regime (remember, it's NOT a resolution) forbids the use of condensed milk, so I had to slum it with a spoonful of evaporated milk (low fat naturally) instead, which performed as a satisfactory substitute.

Small Dog wandered into the kitchen as I was halfway through my bowl. She is always very interested in anything in a bowl, as she is eternally hopeful that it might be pudding. So I left her a tiny smidgen, which she initially viewed with a certain amount of suspicion, until she tentatively lapped a morsel, then rapidly dispatched the rest.

Thus fortified I set about a marathon casting session which has just been curtailed by the news that blizzards are due to hit the whole of Southern England tonight. So we're now having to do a quick dash out to the post office to send off orders, then a scoot round Tesco to reprovision as the cupboards are bare and anticipated snow drifts might render our road impassible for the rest of the week.

Actually I've just seen the first few tiny snowflakes floating down from a heavy grey sky so we'd best be off.

I may be gone for some time....


Irene said...

I wouldn't worry about having Scottish roots and not liking salt in your porridge. I AM Scottish and I can't stand salt in the porridge!

It's good to hear that the regime is still hard and fast - long may it continue.

Hope you managed to get back from the shops in one piece (did you get any Kit Kats to fortify yourself?)

Sandra Morris said...

Irene, I walked resolutely past the Kit Kats, with only a brief, longing backwards glance.
Instead I bought some rice cakes (zero fat, zero calories, zero taste) and Dutch Crispbakes which are a particular favourite of Small Dog.

Sandra Morris said...

Incidentally, I am Scottish too!

Anonymous said...

Me too am Scottish and I hate salt in porridge. I make mine with 1 part porridge, two parts water and one part milk. Then when it is cooked I sprinkle brown sugar on top and pour another load of milk in.

Good that SD enjoys it - it might keep her little insides cozy when she is out gathering snowballs on her undercarriage.