Friday, 15 January 2010

Normality...sort of.....

It's hard to believe that just a few days ago the view from all our windows was of a snowy hinterland. Seemingly overnight the snow has all but disappeared, with only a few isolated patches scattered here and there.

I'm in a 'sorting out' mood today, thanks to an uncharacteristic burst of energy.

Tonight's dinner is simmering quietly in the slow cooker. I'm trying something new and exotic - Persian Chicken, which smells delicious.

I've updated our Internet Security/Antivirus software (which took AGES) and in between clicks, cleaned the kitchen thoroughly, then made a start on the study/office, which you may remember is being remodelled to give me some workspace.

I've also dealt with a load of outstanding financial gubbins, part of which involved the Yorkshire Building Society. I don't visit their website very often, and after I'd concluded my business, I idly browsed the various financial products on offer.

You'll never guess. The YORKSHIRE building society has a TERRIERS ACCOUNT!

A boney fido account for Yorkshire Terriers. Or so I thought at first glance.

Disappointingly, the truth is rather more prosaic and I fear that they are aiming the account at a very small, niche market.

Key Features

  • Open an account with £1 if you're under 18 (£100 for over 18's).
  • Receive a gift up to the value of £10 from the Huddersfield Town club shop. Subject to availability.
  • Qualify for prize draws and other special deals offered by Huddersfield Town.
  • A cash bonus for Huddersfield Town based on savings balances.
  • Earn an attractive rate of interest.
  • One instant access withdrawal from your account each month.
  • Manage your account online.
Now, I'm assuming that Huddersfield Town's nickname is The Terriers. I'm also assuming that if you are a die hard fan of Huddersfield Town, this is the savings account for you.

I couldn't help wondering what sort of 'gift to the value of £10' is available from the shop, and just had to find out, anticipating a plethora of terrier-related merchandise.

Sadly, there was not a single Yorkshire Terrier branded item. I can't help feeling they're missing a trick there.

I also have to take issue with the assertion 'earn an attractive rate of interest'. Personally, I don't regard a net rate of 0.20% attractive, but perhaps Huddersfield Town supporters take a different view, seeing as the club gets a cash bonus on savings balances.

However, despite my advice to the contrary, Small Dog is very keen to enter the world of high finance, and is adamant that a Yorkshire Terriers saving account is the way to go.

Sadly, she only has 47 pence to act as a deposit, so she has asked for an advance on her 'pawket' money of 53 pence.

It will all end in tears......

PS - Hope I don't get hundreds of 'hate-emails' from staunchly loyal Huddersfield Town supporters for dissing their savings account.

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