Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Waking to a Winter Wonderland.....

It was so dark this morning that my body clock refused to accept it was time for me to get up. So I got a sneaky mid-week lay-in, which hopefully won't play havoc with my new regime too badly.

The much heralded 'snow event' has taken it's time to get to St. Leonards on Sea, but it's snowing hard now and several inches have already accumulated. I haven't seen a single car inch its way down our vertiginous road this morning and having got ours safely off the road yesterday we won't be digging it out any time soon.

Small Dog took one look outside and promptly turned tail to return to her cosy nest by the radiator in the study. Despite the fact that her bladder can be only the size of a walnut, it must be cast-iron as she can keep her legs crossed for hours if need be.

The light is so bad today that I am considering re-jigging my schedule to avoid doing any casting. However, to do so would feel like a gross dereliction of duty, given that I've done so well this week so far. Perhaps if I use both my SAD lamp AND daylight lamp together I might have enough lux to enable me to cope with casting and de-moulding another batch of very, very tiny toys.

However, before I do battle with casting, I have my porridge to look forward to. Many thanks for all your suggestions on how to make this bland paste more palatable. Today I'm going to add some dried cranberries and a soupcon of honey.


rosanna said...

I like snuggling at home when outside is cld and dreary. It's the only time during which I enjoy my ironing. Yesterday it was like that here, cold, uncertain on raining AND snowingat the same time, dark beyond measure.Today there is a lovely sunshine and tomorrow you'll have it and you'll enjy a nice stroll.If SD allows. Have a nice day Rosanna

Anonymous said...

You seem to be getting the snow much worse where you are than we are getting here. The mountains are beautiful with the sun shining on the snow but at this level there is very little snow and mainly ice. Probably the salt from the loch is keeping it warmer.

Try your porridge with honey and cream. My English husband likes that.

I am off now to make my very first snow angel.

Sandra Morris said...

Rosanna! You ENJOY ironing?!!

It's still snowing hard and SD is STILL curled up in her basket resolutely ignoring my inviation to step outside and attend to her toilette.

Sandra Morris said...

Joyce... porridge with honey AND CREAM.

Why didn't I think of that?

Won't do the non-resolutional diet much good but t'would certainly banish the winter blues.

rosanna said...

Sandra, I DO NOT enjoy ironing at all !!! but when it's very cold I find some compensation in being kept warm by the iron !

Irene said...

We've had this weather since the week before Christmas and today the bin men - at long last - ventured in. We haven't seen them since the 16th December and one of the guys actually took a photo of the area - Health & Safety? His or ours? lol

A good day to stay in and mini.