Sunday, 10 January 2010

It's mellllltiiiing......!

Although it does seem to have snowed in the night, there are definite signs of a thaw as our leaking gutters are dripping water instead of huge icicles.

PP has been out back this morning, clearing a 'wee' spot for Small Dog, who has declared a moratorium on going outside to do her ablutions. Last night we were reduced to taking her out into the garden on her lead, lest she disappear into a snow drift never to return.

The thaw, when it sets in proper, will cause huge problems in many area of Hastings which lie in dips and hollows. The one advantage of living at the top of a hill is that all the meltwater will flow away from us.

Except for the stuff in our garden, which slopes down towards the patio.

I have just glanced out of the window and another flurry of snow flakes has started to fall, so perhaps I spoke too soon.

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