Thursday, 7 January 2010

Late surge.........

Having had my carefully planned work schedule derailed by the inclement weather this morning, I have more than made up for it since by completing two batches of tiny toy casting and several hours of prep for the post-Thame workshop. Not to mention making a start on two new miniature toy theatres.

So all in all, not a bad day, considering.

We've had lots more snow, which is lying crisp and deep and even.

Except where Small Dog has been treading in her own footsteps and making a right old mess. She seems incapable of going outside without bringing a barrow-load of snow back in with her, strongly attached to her person.

This was after she'd been intercepted coming in looking like a snow-dog, been rubbed down and had the worst of the snow pulled off her legs and undercarriage. She's looking so scrappy because this denied her the pleasure of pulling off chunks of snow then chasing them round the kitchen floor in a frenzy.

Yesterday we thought this was quite amusing, until the resulting pools of meltwater rendered the floor as slippery as the skating rink outside, so now when she returns from forays into the garden we have to 'field' as she races in the door. If she manages to evade Silly Mid Off then the we still have the fall-back position of hopefully heading her off at Deep Square Leg. However she's a slippery little bugger so she can often achieve the relative safety of Deep Extra Cover, also known as Under The Duvet.

Obviously this usually has us stumped.

In other news tonight is yet another non-wine night in keeping with our non-resolutional no alcohol Mon-Thurs (inclusive)


It's been a l-o-n-g week.


depesando said...

I suspect that wine is the only thing let at the local COOP.... I might have to panic buy...

Debbie said...

Try having a Newfie covered in Snow. My Utility room is not a pretty sight..

Sandra Morris said...

In a cruel twist of irony, wine is one thing we have plenty of.

We haven't been able to get out today for milk or bread, although I suspect the trudge down the hill to the One-Stop would have revealed bare shelves. If we have to walk to Tesco (heaven forbid) we'll have to set off at daybreak to get there and back before dark.

Doesn't bear thinking about.

Sandra Morris said...

Debbie, fair point, well made.

I tend to forget that Small Dog is just that, but these things are all relative and she can spread a modest amount of snow over a very wide area.

You snowed in in Welsh Wales then?

DollMum said...

Our cocker spaniel had the same problem yesterday after running around in the snow for ages. When I took him out this evening he was much more circumspect!

Sandra Morris said...

We've had to resort to dipping SD's legs into a bowl of warm water to get the snow pompoms off.

She is not impressed.

Deep Squeaker said...

I don't know why, but for some reason that facial expression she's wearing puts me in mind of Billy Connolly.

Debbie said...

Sandra have a look at my blog and see what we've been up to in Welsh Wales today..LOL

Sandra Morris said...


Perhaps it's the unkempt locks and Fu Manchu beard.

You realise she'll never talk to you ever again.....?

Sandra Morris said...

Excellent videos Debbie. So you've had a bit of snow then..?
Hope your husband is recovering nicely from being kneecapped!

Sandra Morris said...

Just rewatched your last video Debbie and it's the big brother I should be commiserating with.
Hope he's ok!