Monday, 11 January 2010

Monday again........

We're still not inclined to take the car out onto the skating rink formerly known as a road, although a team of community-minded residents had a bash at clearing tyre tracks earlier using brushes and shovels. Our car is still entombed in a white coffin of ice and snow and when the thaw does allow us entry it probably won't start.

So nothing else for it but to get stuck in to's not as if I don't have enough to do.

Back to work this morning and accomplished a final batch of casting to enable me to load the kiln and do a soft-firing.

There are now less than 6 weeks till the Thame Fair. Then on the day after the fair I'm teaching a miniature toy wicker pram workshop for the Thame doll's house group, therefore I really need to get the prep for the workshop nailed this week so that I can use the remaining time to work on making tiny toys.

Then there are my work-related 'projects' of which there are four, on which I had been hoping to spend at least a few hours each day. Of course that was hopelessly unrealistic and although I might be able to do some pre-prep, I won't get a proper run at them till after Thame.

Then there's the website, which is badly in need of updating and re-jigging. I might be able to do a bit of tinkering in the odd spare half hour but it really needs a concerted effort.

Then there's the million and one other things 'to do' which constantly clamour for my attention.

So, I'm trying to view this weather-imposed purdah as a way of ensuring that I buckle down and make some inroads into what I have to do.

Sounds like a plan......

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