Saturday, 23 January 2010

Drudgery, epiphanies and inspirations.....

Today has been a day of drudgery.

I finally completed a marathon 3-day session of soft-cleaning, which is my most hated pre bisque- firing task. It requires complete concentration and a light touch, both of which are often beyond me. However, it's all done, with minimal breakages, so I can load and fire the kiln tomorrow.

PP has successfully completed the re-decorating of the office. We lifted the old flooring today and it looks like a new room already. Hopefully the new flooring will be fitted next week so we can finally begin putting the room to rights.

In a fit of masochistic fervour, we then tackled the understairs cupboard, dragging out all the 'stuff' which had been stuffed in there, adding the resulting debris to the office detritus already littering the ground floor. I even found my old camera bag, which I had thought long-lost. We were completely ruthless and consigned no end of useless bits and pieces to the bin, while the moderately useful extraneous stuff will find its way onto Freecycle in due course.

So we have one clean, neat, tidy and clutter-free under stairs cupboard, while the rest of the house looks like a tip.


However, throughout the day, I've had little sparks and flashes of inspiration and ideas which I've carefully noted down lest they filter through my Swiss-cheese brain to be lost forever. If I'd sat down specifically to come up with those ideas they would have been completely elusive, but because I was faffing about with other things they came unbidden.

But welcome nonetheless.

Also there was the added bonus of this being a 'wine-night'. Which was also welcome.

So now we are chillaxing in our combined office/study/sitting room/storage area/stationery cupboard, with Small Dog sprawled outrageously on the sofa. Just goes to show that it's possible to get used to any amount of upheaval when it's for the greater good.

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