Saturday, 9 January 2010

Breaking News......

It's STILL snowing.

Small Dog has found a new vantage point in the bay window in the study at the front of the house, from where she has been able to closely monitor all sledging activity down the hill today like a winter Olympics official.

The snow on the patio table is now close to a foot thick and the sky is still laden with the stuff.

If it keeps up I hope to be able to achieve this tomorrow.......


Deep Squeaker said...

I'm actually getting a little scared now. When, oh WHEN is it going to stop?

Sandra Morris said...

It is getting beyond ridiculous.

Even if we get a thaw next week it will take ages to get rid of it all.

It does look lovely outside though...

Michelle's Mad World said...

Gosh sooo much snow!! Small dog has a great view of it all! The snow is heading my way! Do you think that you could keep it your way and thus gives us a miss?! lol Looks like you will be staying in a while especially with that back door! Love the bottle and beer bank! lol :o)

We are running short on certain foods now, ever hopeful we may get to do some large food shopping soon...well we HAVE to do so by Wednesday at least! No post since Tuesday!

Take care!
Michelle :o)

Anonymous said...

Things are obviously so much worse in the South than they are in the Highlands of Scotland (West side) where we should be getting the weather you are but aren't.

Our shops are fully stocked, the roads are gritted and clear, the post gets through and so do the delivery drivers.

I can't believe the difference in the areas.

Don't envy you one little bit with all that snow and when it thaws there will be a load of flooding.

Keep warm and safe.

Sandra Morris said...

This corner of the South East is due to be hit with further heavy snow tonight. I'm actually quite worried about looking out the window tomorrow morning.

I am desperately hoping that we can get to a shop before we're reduced to opening the tinned squid and pilchards.


Sandra Morris said...

Joyce, I think this is divine retribution for living in the namby-pamby south.

Our weather seems to coming straight from Siberia.

Спасибо Россия

Anonymous said...

Be careful of the squid if you bought in Aldis and it was that Greek stuff. Graham loves squid but even he couldn't eat it.

julie campbell said...

my son reckons the new ice age has arrived......snowing again here and an actual snow plough went down our little street this afternoon !
after another week of this that squid might start to seem appetizing......calamari anyone?
julie xxx

tattyhouse said...

Love it, great excuse for a snow party.