Saturday, 30 January 2010

Well, I'M excited..........

It doesn't take much to please me.

Not really.

I'm very low maintenance.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, for no other reason than I have a new iron.

Now. Don't get me wrong.

I absolutely HATE and REVILE ironing with a passion.

I dread having to iron.

I would rather be shut in a small room with 3,000 bird-eating spiders than have to do a pile of ironing.

EDIT - I've just had to have a lie down at the prospect of being shut in a room with 3,000 bird-eating spiders.


OK, so perhaps that was a tad unrealistic. I'll revise that to THREE bird-eating spiders.

Which for an arachnophobe is still a lot of big spiders. With hairy legs and poisonous fangs and that slow, deliberate, crawling, 'I'm coming to get YOU' gait.........




New iron?

It's for the workroom. I have been using the same iron to press sumptuous silks, rainbows of ribbons and thousands of tiny seams for the past 10 years. It is heavy and unwieldy and the soleplate has numerous battle scars in the form of dried glue, vilene and bondaweb, despite frequent applications of a wire scouring pad, which may explain the lack of a non-stick surface.

More of a 'definite stick' surface.

So today, I decided to bite the financial bullet and determined to buy a new one.

Which I did.

For a whole £3.87 at Tesco.


How on earth can they sell an electric iron for such a risibly low price?

Even so,the most expensive iron you can buy from Tesco costs £293.47.
OK, so that's an all-singing, all-dancing steam generated number, which retrieves your clean washing from the ironing pile, presses everything immaculately, folds it and puts it in your drawer. It then gently wakes you up with a cup of tea and a chocolate Hob-Nob.

The most expensive bog standard iron costs £89.97. Which is still a fair amount of money in anyone's book. It claims to be self cleaning and has anti-calc, anti-drip and anti-scale systems.

Well whoopdidoo.

But I'll bet even its smugly self-cleaning soleplate would still struggle with congealed Aleene's Tacky Glue and Iron-on Vilene's wrong side.

I'm trying it out the 'value version' tomorrow so you can read my review here first.

Bet you can hardly wait.....


Jenandollie said...

Never thought a post about ironing would make me laugh so much!

julie campbell said...

dont get too excited......... I am a proud owner of asda's £3.49 version ......... I wont spoil your review and will just say it works LOL but I'd hate to try to iron a life size shirt with one !!
julie xxx