Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Doomsday scenario........

The radio and television news has been full of dire warnings of a major 'snow event' over the next 24 hours in the south of England.

Parts of the south will experience snowfalls of up to 40 cm while here in East Sussex we can expect around 10 cm. This of course will cause chaos, and on the basis of the snow just before Christmas our road will be impassable. As the snow is set to continue off and on for the rest of the week, with the temperature never rising above freezing, we have the possibility of being virtually housebound till the weekend and perhaps beyond.

This prospect, far from filling me with fear and foreboding, is music to my ears as I can concentrate 100% on work and personal projects in equal measure.

Small Dog is rather ambivalent about the whole snow thing. She hates the cold, and although she is happy to jump around and play in the snow for a short while, she quickly gets soaked through to the skin and starts to shiver piteously.

She has put in a request for a dog sled. She added the unnecessary caveat that it would be used as sled for her to sit on, rather than pull, dog-team mush-styley. Apparently she envisions sitting on it while we pull her down the road so that she doesn't get snow-logged before her walk in the woods. Naturally she would then expect us to pull her back up the hill again, presumably at a rather slower pace than her downhill jaunt.

As there is currently a nationwide 3 month waiting list for sledges, we will have to improvise her dog sled from an old metal tray, with two holes drilled through the corners and a length of thick string for the pull. I suspect that our home-made effort will not meet her exacting standards of style and panache so we may have to customise it with go-faster stripes and flames over the sides.

In the meantime we have battened down the hatches and await the snow event with anticipation.

Edit - just idly browsing through Google videos and came across this. So that's where she got the idea from......


Michelle's Mad World said...

Hi Sandra,

The weather is horrendous where I am (Hampshire), we've had over 8cms already and over 40cms is forecast here...more on the way! This amount of snow is unheard of in my part of the UK. I can't get out of my road and the snow has knocked out my satellite completely! Let's hope the power stays on! I hope you have enough food in and you and little dog is safe! :o))

Stay warm and safe.
Michelle :o)

Kim said...

That is the cutest video ever! I think small dog needs a better sled than that though- maybe with some good shocks to prevent bouncing around too much :)

Deep Squeaker said...

It's all a front, you know. They just want to keep us Under The Paw.

By the way, it's bleedin' chucking it down here. May have to tunnel my way to freedom a la Mr Burns and Homer in the team-building episode...


Sandra Morris said...

Michelle, I expect you're having to tunnel your way to freedom today too.

Kim, yes, Small Dog did look rather disdainfully on the video sledge. She wants one with a soft heated pad in the base and a little umbrella.

Deep Squeaker (if that IS your real name) hope you weren't planning on travelling ANYWHERE today.
Hope you're feeling better x