Sunday, 31 January 2010

Customer review.........

I've just unpacked and tried out my new iron. Which entailed peeling a protective film from the soleplate to reveal a pristine, gleaming, mirror-like surface.

So, very, very different from the old one, whose soleplate was the equivalent of sticky sandpaper.

The new iron is sleek and streamlined, and when plugged in a little red light comes on and it heats up.

Ermm.....that's it really.

But for £3.87 it's nothing short of miraculous.

I'm hoping it will make mini ironing a breeze, gliding over my delicate fabrics smoothly and effortlessly without a single snag or grab.

Now I just have to extremely careful not to get glue on the soleplate, or put it onto the wrong side of iron-on vilene, which instantaneously seems to meld its molecules directly with those of the metal, rendering it impossible to remove. Even with a metal scourer and cream cleaner, applied with a liberal dose of elbow grease.

Mind you, at £3.87 it isn't going to break my heart if, in the fullness of time, the virginal new soleplate does get messed up.

So, I'm going to give it a thorough test run this afternoon, pressing the minuscule seams of 5 tiny 6-piece jackets destined for some new Jumeau-style toy dolls.

Like I said before......I'm really very easily pleased.

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