Saturday, 9 January 2010

Total whiteout.........

It's snowing hard.

Really hard.

And it's set to continue ALL WEEKEND. We currently have 9 inches of snow in the garden which will almost certainly increase to over a foot today if it keeps snowing like it is at the moment.

We've battened down the hatches (again) and I'm nesting for the duration. I'm snuggled up on the sofa with a panoramic view through the patio doors into the garden, which is under a rapidly thickening thick blanket of snow.

Small Dog has vetoed venturing outside as she can no longer lift her paws above the snow surface and has to progress like a small, furry snow plough.

Albeit a very disgruntled one.

I think she's reached the stage now where she's a bit scared of it. There are parts of the garden where the snow has drifted. One of them is her favourite wee spot and when she tried to get to it, she became completely submerged and started to panic, leaping up and down like a gazelle. Unfortunately her legs are quite short so her leaps aren't very gainly or elegant.

She's curled up on a blanket on the sofa, keeping a weather eye on the snow, occasionally jumping up when the wind blows a particularly fierce flurry against the windows.

We will NOT be venturing out today, especially after our expedition yesterday. I think we'll be ok for food etc in the short term, but our fresh fruit and veg will probably run out by Tuesday. A brief reconnaissance of the store cupboard has revealed a motley collection of packets and tinned goods. The sort of weird stuff you buy on a whim then don't know what to do with.

Marinated squid, pilchards, assorted unusual beans and pulses, 7 different types of rice, quinoa, polenta etc. I can foresee a time in the not too distant future when our dinner menus become somewhat experimental. Small Dog has enough dinners to keep her going for about a week so she should be ok, although the dog milk won't last beyond Monday.


Laptop on lap, I'm intending doing a bit of computer work this afternoon. In front of the TV, just in case there's a good film on.

Needless to say, there will be no displacement activity. Unless you count gazing out onto the snowy wastes.


depesando said...

It's the same here - except I only managed half an hour of 'Lost Horizon' and had to turn it over in slack jawed desperation.

I'm just dividing up my last packet of pearl barley into rations to last the week!

Sandra Morris said...

I gave up on Lost Horizon too. Even Geilgud couldn't make it palatable.

You have pearl barley?! We can only dream of such a wondrous ingredient.

Quinoa has absolutely NO TASTE whatsoever and it'll be a cold day in hell before I resort to polenta.

Perhaps Small Dog could catch an unwary squirrel in the garden. I've heard they're good eating.

julie campbell said...

Yes its the same here ..........
but at least we have food after last nights horrific shopping expedition where I had to try to dig my car out armed only with a desperate neighbour and 2 plastic dust pans, one of which lost its handle within the first 2 seconds........ but I digress, hope you can survive on the tins ! if our fresh food runs the only cans we have are gooseberries ( why ??) anchovies and a tin of chestnut puree left over from xmas.....oh and cat food.. yum.....
julie xxx

Anonymous said...

We have a thaw!!!!!!! Whether it will last or not is anyone's guess and if it freezes over tonight it could be fun.

You missed your chance with the squirrels - they would have been easier caught in your attic and not as cold as having to go outside. Did you get rid of them, by the way?

Deep Squeaker said...

It's all starting to look decidedly post-Apocalyptic out there.

I have lost my voice, have a hacking cough and am staying under the duvet for the duration.

Deep Squeaker said...

PS Mmmmmmm... Squid.

Irene said...

Still snowing here but Tesco man got through today - hurrah!