Thursday, 14 January 2010


I have exciting news.

We're free.

FREE I tell you!!!

It has rained overnight and miraculously, much of the snow which has held us hostage for the past 9 days has disappeared.

We can actually SEE the road. And cars are actually DRIVING on it, as opposed to slipping sideways.

This means that we can get out to Tesco and avoid having to eat the manky stuff still lurking right at the back of the freezer/cupboards.


Edit - a refuse lorry has just driven up the road. Civilisation returns at last.......


Deep Squeaker said...

There's still snow here, but it may be clear enough to actually leave the house by this time tomorrow. Which is handy, as I've a school to visit and about 4 weeks work to sort out back in East Angularrrr.

I take it Little Dog For A Pet is turning somersaults?


Michelle's Mad World said...

A lot of our snow is going too, still lots about, but it's mostly sloshy now! Hoping it will rain lots at the weekend! I managed to get to work again snowed/iced bound yesterday morning! Freedom is good! lol
Michelle :o)