Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My bedtime reading........

This is a wonderful little book which details dozens of small independent shops. I've been leafing through, making notes on various architectural features which I might incorporate into my little 'posh doll' shop.

As I surmised, the shops which mine most closely resembles in its current incarnation, belong to funeral directors, so black was clearly NOT a good choice.

In other news, it has snowed again. Probably another inch or so has settled on top of the existing 8 inches in the garden so we're back to square one. The road outside, which had been gradually clearing, is now as bad as ever, so our proposed trip to Tesco today is out of the question unless we walk.

Which is also out of the question.

It's gone beyond a joke. Looking out of the window it is STILL snowing and the sky looks full and menacing.



Anonymous said...

I didnt realise it was so bad, it gets that way sometimes here in Canada, but I thought it doesnt really snow in the UK

Sandra Morris said...

It doesn't usually. Not this far south anyway. The weather here in the UK over the past few weeks is unprecedented. It hasn't been this bad since 1963.

But mainly because we don't often get snow like this, we're rubbish at dealing with it and the whole country grinds to a halt.