Thursday, 21 January 2010

Template tantrum..........

I have spent the last 2 hours struggling to design a page layout template. I've finally found a style that I like and that I think will work well for my book.

It's clean and simple and works on the basis of three two-page spreads which can carry different material but clearly belong together, with just a few techniques repeated to provide a flexible but unified layout.

So far so easy.

Or so I thought.

Two hours in and I've deleted the unholy mess I somehow managed to create and will have to start all over again.


How can something so simple be so difficult to get exactly right? I've had a crash course in page bleeds and gutters, picas (No. I have no idea what they are either) and CMYK. Through no fault of my own, I now also have a passing acquaintance with Master Spreads and crossovers.

And my brain hurts.


Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

tsk....... amateurs!

Sandra Morris said...

Oh, don't YOU start....

Anyway, I'm going to 'phone a friend' who will hopefully magically transform my template straw into gold.

tattyhouse said...

I think, well done is the words Richard was looking for. Who else would even know what all those thingy's were let alone how to do them.