Sunday, 17 January 2010

A journey begins with a single step.........


New flooring has been decided upon, and apparently can be laid at just a few days notice. This means that we can crack on with emptying the office and thoroughly de-cluttering.

The main issue is that of internet access for the business, so PP will set up a temporary centre of communications/operations in the lounge, and all the 'stuff' from the office will be ferried into the dining room, thus rendering three rooms uninhabitable in one fell swoop.

Once the office is empty, we can then rip up the old carpet, underlay and gripper rods. When it is completely bare, there then exists a tempting opportunity to give it a couple of coats of paint to freshen it up a bit. The room is really small, just 2m x 2.6m so it would take less than a day to repaint.

Of course, all of this chaos is undesirable just 5 weeks before a fair, when I should be concentrating on working hard to restock lots of tiny toys, but I've worked from a tiny, cramped, uncomfortable folding tray table for over 6 years and I'm thoroughly fed up.

Aside from the impending week or so of everything being topsy turvy, I'm really REALLY looking forward to having a proper computer workspace, in a room which bears more resemblance to an office, and less to a large stationery cupboard.

Not only that, I can look forward to shopping for a new computer chair and some stylish storage boxes to streamline the bookshelves.

Happy days............


TreeFeathers said...

It's going to be so exciting to have a great place to work! I'm happy for you.

One question - I'm assuming "lounge" doesn't mean the same thing there as it does here in the US, unless you have a room in your house with a bar and black lights and a disco ball? :D

- Grace

Sandra Morris said...


Black lights??

Here in the UK, a lounge means a sitting room.
As opposed to drawing room, dining room, bedroom etc.

It normally contains the minimum of sofas and a television. Ours also has a couple of bookshelves, wooden chest of drawers (lowboy), and fireplace. It's the main reception room.

I am intrigued to know what a US lounge consists of, apart from the bar, black lights (?) and disco ball. Over here we'd call that a nightclub!

Do YOU have a lounge then?

TreeFeathers said...

Ah, I guess your lounge is what we'd call a family room or a den (as opposed to a more formal "living room" that has become the modern version of a "parlor" and probably wouldn't have a TV in it).

I guess in the strict sense, a lounge is a waiting area or resting place, that often includes alcohol service. So that could range from say, a rather benign airport lounge to the (American) stereotypical seedy bar lounge that includes some sort of piano player and Las Vegas reject entertainer (Bill Murray used to do a hilarious "lounge act" on Saturday Night Live years ago, you could probably find them on youtube) all the way up to a nightclub type of place. Although lounge still implies more drinking and less dancing, I think. You know, "lounging," lol.

So it was just disconcerting to think of a lounge in someone's home. I was thinking you must throw really great parties! :D

Ok I'm off to catch up on your more recent posts now and see what the progress is!

- Grace